Q.one EASY TOMORROW Sold More than 100 Million Packets despite COVID-19

Samyang Corporation’s Q.one EASY TOMORROW Sold More than 100 Million Packets Accumulatively despite COVID-19



- Sold every second on a rapid growth trend… The number of EASY TOMORROW sold in the past 2 years equals that in the initial 5 years

- Showed excellent performance despite the dampening of market due to social distancing... People care about hangover cure with their increasing interest in health

- Strategically expand the customer base… Expand the customer base across all age groups building on those in their 20s


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The hangover cure product EASY TOMORROW has been sold more than 100 million packets accumulatively despite COVID-19.


Samyang Corporation (CEO &Vice President Song Ja-ryang), a food and chemical affiliate of the Samyang Group, announced on January 12 that more than 100 million packets of its hangover cure product EASY TOMORROW have been sold. It amounts to the number of all adults in Korea taking EASY TOMORROW at least twice.


EASY TOMORROW is a hangover cure product launched by Samyang Corporation in 2013. Yeast extracts and mixed plant concentrates (Hovenia dulcis fruit, Atractylodes rhizome, Chinese hawthorn fruit, and Pueraria lobate flower) are mixed together into a round pill. Its strength is that it helps to cure a hangover quickly. Each 3 g pill is packaged individually, which makes it easier to carry around and consume. EASY TOMORROW STICK, which is a product improved from the round pill form, is a slim stick product that can be consumed easily by squeezing without drinking water. It also adds mango juice for better flavor as well as curcumin and kudzu root extracts on top of yeast extracts, EASY TOMORROW’s main ingredient.


Recently, EASY TOMORROW has shown immense growth as the number of EASY TOMORROW sold in the past 2 years equals that in the initial 5 years. In 2019, it recorded explosive growth after being sold every second, emerging a leading product in the hangover relief market. In 2020, although the market is dampened due to social distancing, EASY TOMORROW showed similar sales numbers to 2019.


An official from EASY TOMORROW explained, “Many customers take EASY TOMORROW before drinking to avoid hangover on the next day. Taking EASY TOMORROW before drinking is becoming part of a new drinking culture.” According to a survey by Embrain, a market research firm, as requested by Samyang Corporation, the percentage of customers who said they took EASY TOMORROW before drinking was the highest with 74.3%. EASY TOMORROW, which can take care of hangover simply and preemptively before drinking, fits well with a consumer trend where there is an increase of interest in health; and this is how the product was able to overcome a stagnant market despite the outbreak of COVID-19.


Another recipe for EASY TOMORROW’s accelerating growth is the strategic expansion of the customer base. During the early days since its launch, EASY TOMORROW presented portability and easy-to-drink as new options to choose a hangover cure product and targeted those in their 20s and 30s. As a result, customers who currently take EASY TOMORROW most are those aged 25 to 29.


EASY TOMORROW has focused on expanding the customer base after attracting customers in their 20s. A good example is Easy Mola, a viral horror video clip unveiled in August. The video, which parodied M, a Korean drama series aired in 1994, brought back memories and nostalgia in those aged 40 or older. Easy Bowel, a new commercial featuring young models such as Hyeri and P.O in a music video style adapting a 90s hit song One Ticket, aired on, promoting EASY TOMORROW across all age groups from those in their 20s to those in their 50s.


The company also communicates with those in their 20s, who are its core customers. With fun and fresh activities such as EASY TOMORROW Face Mask—which collaborated with ABOUT ME, a cosmetics brand in the Samyang Group—and retro-concept limited goods EASY TOMORROW Music Cafe, the company is approaching the MZ generation, who pursue trends and individuality.


An official from EASY TOMORROW said, “This year, we are also planning to do marketing on two tracks for our key customers in their 20s and new customers in their 30s and 40s. We will make sure that EASY TOMORROW becomes a hangover cure product that we can recommend to all generations with confidence.”


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