Samyang Corporation's Q.one Renewing Package Design for EASY TOMORROW STICK


Samyang Corporation’s Q.one Renewing Package Design for EASY TOMORROW STICK


Q.one’s EASY TOMORROW STICK, a hangover cure product from Samyang Corporation, is renewing its package design and holding a celebratory event.


This newly renewed design upholds blue and white, EASY TOMORROW’s brand colors, expands the gold aspect, which was smaller in the previous design, and highlights  EASY TOMORROW STICK’s differentiated dosage form. The slimmer design improves the product’s portability and convenience to consume. 


Celebrating this package design renewal, the company is holding a roulette event on its official website. A product containing 10 EASY TOMORROW STICK's will be provided to those who win the roulette. At Hot Cafe held in Hongdae on January 30, EASY TOMORROW STICK's with their renewed design will be sampled and promoted actively to customers.


An official from EASY TOMORROW said, “We have renewed the design of EASY TOMORROW, which leads the hangover cure market, to strengthen its brand power and young appeal. With EASY TOMORROW STICK, we will advance into the global market and reinvent it as a hangover cure product that represents Korea.


EASY TOMORROW STICK, which was launched in April last year, is a hangover cure product which adds mango juice and helps to cure hangovers with its delicious flavor. It can be consumed without water before or after drinking alcohol, and its slim stick strengthens portability and convenience to consume, which are two advantages for the existing round pill EASY TOMORROW. EASY TOMORROW STICK also adds curcumin and kudzu extracts on top of yeast extracts, the existing main ingredient.

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