Q.one EASY TOMORROW Attracting Customers Seeking Satisfaction for Money


Samyang Corporation’s Q.one EASY TOMORROW Attracting Customers Seeking “Satisfaction for Money” with Koran New Year Gift Set


Q.one’s EASY TOMORROW, a hangover-curing round pill from Samyang Corporation, is unveiling a gift set for the upcoming Korean New Year.


This gift set reflects the so-called “satisfaction for money” (seeking satisfaction for money spent on purchase). The easy tomorrow gift set contains 10 packets (2 packs each containing 5 packets) and is available in convenience stores around the country for KRW 29,000. Its specially designed box utilizes light blue, a brand color for EASY TOMORROW, and adds luxury on top of fresh feelings.


An official from EASY TOMORROW said, “We have made this gift set so that customers can give and receive it without any pressure by considering the latest trend in Korean New Year gift sets. We hope that people give this reasonably priced gift set to those for whom they have felt grateful.”


EASY TOMORROW is a hangover-cure round pill product launched by Samyang Corporation in 2013. Yeast extracts and mixed plant concentrates (oriental raisin, Atractylodes lancea, mountain hawthorn fruits, and East Asian arrowroot flowers) are mixed together into a round pill. Its strength is that it helps to quickly cure hangovers. Each 3g pill is packaged individually, which makes it easier to carry around and consume.


Meanwhile, EASY TOMORROW is actively communicating with customers through various events and expanding its customer base. Last summer, EASY TOMORROW set up booths in various festivals such as Ultra Korea and Daegu Chimac Festival. Recently, the company held daily Hot Cafe, a promotional event which provided coffee and EASY TOMORROW to office workers and students at no cost, at Gwanghwamun and Hongdae and offered an opportunity to experience the product to customers from various age groups.

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