'If not EASY TOMORROW, still EASY TOMORROW,' a new TV commercial aired for Samya

‘If not EASY TOMORROW, still EASY TOMORROW,’ a new TV commercial aired for Samyang Corporation’s Q.one EASY TOMORROW



- Featuring Hyeri and Oh Jung-se… to expand customer base to men in their 30s and 40s

- “Squeezed, squeezed”… Delivering EASY TOMORROW’s stick usage in a humorous way

- Sold one product in every second… Expressing confidence as a leading hangover-cure product with ‘If not EASY TOMORROW, still EASY TOMORROW’ 


▲Samyang Corporation’s Q.one EASY TOMORROW starts airing the new TV commercial ‘If not EASY TOMORROW, still EASY TOMORROW’ on May 1.


 Samyang Corporation (CEO: Vice President Song Ja-ryang), a food and chemical affiliate of the Samyang Group, announced on May 1 that the company is airing ‘If not EASY TOMORROW, still EASY TOMORROW,’ a new TV commercial for Q.one’s hangover cure product EASY TOMORROW from the same day.


In this new commercial, EASY TOMORROW’s 6-year long model Hyeri and actor Oh Jung-se teamed up together and showed great chemistry. Oh appeared in the dramas When the Camellia Blooms and Hot Stove League last year and gained outstanding reputation for his acting. 


An official from EASY TOMORROW explained why Oh was selected along with Hyeri, “We will leverage Mr. Oh’s characteristics to target male customers and expand EASY TOMORROW’s customer base to those in their 30s and 40s.” EASY TOMORROW has featured male models in commercials since 2018 to harness a synergistic effect with Hyeri.


In this new commercial, Oh starts off saying, “There are two types of things for drinking gatherings.” He then goes back and forth with Hyeri introducing EASY TOMORROW STICK, which is different from the existing round pill product, by saying “EASY TOMORROW to easily rip open for consumption or EASY TOMORROW to easily squeeze for consumption.” He goes on to say with his nonchalant manner, “Squeezed, squeezed.” He humorously delivers the features of the new product, which can be easily consumed, with the double meaning that people come together and EASY TOMORROW STICK can be easily squeezed. In particular, this line ‘Squeezed, squeezed’ reminds of his famous line in How to Use Guys with Secret Tips.


This commercial is also noteworthy as it includes the statement that proves EASY TOMORROW’s growth. EASY TOMORROW, which used to say it is sold every 2 seconds and the ‘mainstream’ in the hangover-cure product market, now shows confidence with the statements ‘sold every second’ and ‘If not EASY TOMORROW, still EASY TOMORROW.’ 


An official from EASY TOMORROW said, “As we newly launch EASY TOMORROW STICK, we are actively carrying out various contactless marketing activities such as ads, social media, and YouTube. While solidifying our existing customer base, we will expand the target to those in their 30s and 40s and firmly establish ourselves as a ‘leader’ in the hangover-cure product market.”


EASY TOMORROW is a hangover-cure product launched by Samyang Corporation in 2013. Yeast extracts and mixed plant concentrates (oriental raisin, Atractylodes lancea, mountain hawthorn fruits, and East Asian arrowroot flowers) are mixed together into a round pill. Its strength is that it helps to cure a hangover quickly. Each 3g pill is packaged individually, which makes it easier to carry around and consume. EASY TOMORROW STICK, newly launched this year, is a hangover-cure stick product that adds mango juice with delicious flavor. It is a slim stick that can be consumed easily by squeezing before or after drinking, and it also adds curcumin and kudzu extracts on top of yeast extracts, EASY TOMORROW’s major ingredient. 


- Distributor: Samyang Corporation


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