Q.one EASY TOMORROW, Airing a New TV Commercial 'Easy Bowel'

Samyang Corporation’s Q.one EASY TOMORROW, Airing a New TV Commercial “Easy Bowel”



- Changed the lyrics of Song Dae-kwan’s hit song One Ticket, featuring actress Hyeri and singer P.O in a music video concept

- Expected to appeal to all age groups as casts are starred as jazz club singers singing a trot-based song arranged for jazz music

- “Here we come for your hangover cure,” “sold one per second” — expressing confidence as a leading hangover relief product


▲ Scenes from a new commercial of Samyang Corporation’s Q.one EASY TOMORROW


Hangover relief product EASY TOMORROW is appealing across generations with a new commercial based on a trot song.

Samyang Corporation (CEO & Vice President Song Ja-ryang), a food and chemical affiliate of the Samyang Group, announced on October 30 that the company is airing “Easy Bowel,” a new TV commercial for Q.one’s hangover relief product EASY TOMORROW from November 1.

This new commercial features Hyeri, a TV commercial model for EASY TOMORROW, and P.O, a member of the boy band Block B, in a music video whose lyrics is modified from Song Dae-kwan’s hit song One Ticket. P.O, who appears in this commercial for the first time, is a rising star in advertising industry with his popularity in entertainment programs such as “New Journey to the West” and “Amazing Saturday.”

Hyeri and P.O starred in this new commercial as jazz club singers of the 60s and 70s. P.O is singing next to the neon sign wearing a fedora while “trot diva” Hyeri is wearing a black dress, showing their retro style we have never seen before. While the two exchange catchy lyrics, saying “I am EASY TOMORROW, you are also EASY TOMORROW,” the chorus “sticks” are inserted, highlighting the stick-type EASY TOMORROW and making the song more exciting. At the end of the commercial, the message “sold one per second” along with the line “Here we come for your hangover cure” is delivered, showing confidence in EASY TOMORROW which is getting ahead as a “leading hangover relief product.”

An official from EASY TOMORROW said, “Using trot, a genre of Korean popular music which gains popularity across older generations and generations M and Z, we tried to approach all age groups friendly. We will focus on expanding our customer base so that EASY TOMORROW can further solidify its leading position as a brand in the hangover relief market.”

EASY TOMORROW is a hangover cure product launched by Samyang Group in 2013. Yeast extracts and mixed plant concentrates (Hovenia dulcis fruit, Atractylodes rhizome, Chinese hawthorn fruit, and Pueraria lobate flower) are mixed together into a round pill. Its strength is that it helps to cure a hangover quickly. Each 3 g pill is packaged individually, which makes it easier to carry around and consume. EASY TOMORROW STICK, which was launched newly this year, is a hangover relief stick product which added mango juice, helping to cure a hangover with a delicious flavor. It is a slim stick that can be consumed easily by squeezing before or after drinking. It also added curcumin and kudzu root extracts on top of yeast extracts, EASY TOMORROW’s major ingredient.
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