Q.one EASY TOMORROW to Air a New TV Commercial: 'EASY TOMORROW Prediction'

- Featuring actress Hyeri and singer Sung Si-kyung in two types of “prediction” concept commercials

- Predicting that you will have a refreshing morning the next day with EASY TOMORROW without trouble after drinking

- “Take it first”… representing confidence in its hangover cure effects and the timing to take EASY TOMORROW



▲ Still image from a TV commercial of Samyang Corporation’s Q.one EASY TOMORROW


 The hangover cure product EASY TOMORROW from Q.one is building its image as a leading hangover cure product with a new TV commercial.


Samyang Corporation (CEO: Song Ja-ryang), a food and chemical affiliate of the Samyang Group, announced on April 30 that the company will air a new TV commercial for EASY TOMORROW from May 1.


This new commercial features EASY TOMORROW’s model Hyeri and singer Sung Si-kyung, who is newly cast, in two different versions. Hyeri and Sung Si-kyung start by saying “I will make a prediction” and confidently say that you will have a refreshing morning the next day without causing any trouble after drinking. Background images corresponding their lines such as “Your voice won’t get louder” and “You won’t upset anyone” add more fun.


The commercial ends with “EASY TOMORROW, take it first” and a hand gesture symbolizing the stick and round types of EASY TOMORROW, representing confidence as a leading hangover cure product and recommending taking EASY TOMORROW first before drinking.


An official from EASY TOMORROW said, “We tried to focus on representing the joyful moments of drinking with people, as those moments became more valuable due to COVID-19. We hope EASY TOMORROW becomes a must-have product in your drinking gatherings, making healthy and good memories.”


Based on its young and trendy image, EASY TOMORROW has a strategy to expand its customer base and become a leading hangover cure product. The company has featured male models such as Kim Ha-on, Oh Jung-se, and P.O to approach male customers. Last year, the company unveiled a viral video, which parodied M — a Korean drama series aired in 1994 — and brought back memories and nostalgia in those aged 40 or older. Additionally, the company aired a music video style commercial, which adapted a hit song One Ticket, garnering positive reaction from those in their 20s to those in their 50s.


In last November, the company was awarded 2020 Korea Brand Awards in the category of manufacturing from the Korea Marketing Association, and the brand power of EASY TOMORROW was recognized by both consumers and experts. In January this year, more than 100 million pockets were sold accumulatively despite the market downturn due to COVID-19

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