EASY TOMORROW to Air a New TV Commercial : 'Signage Morning'

- Replace the restaurant sign with a witty hangover relief message...Delivering a 'sympathy message' aimed at the MZ generation

- In-house MZ generation employees participate in the advertising concept planning stage

- EASY TOMORROW Model Actor Hyeri "For a Refreshing Drinking Again"…cheering for MZ generation who cringed due to COVID-19

▲ EASY TOMORROW New CF 'Signage Morning Edition' still cut

EASY TOMORROW, a hangover relief product, introduced a new CF "signage Morning" with a different advertising concept using various hangover restaurant signs.

Samyang Corporation (CEO Choi Nak-hyun), a food and chemical affiliate of Samyang Group, announced on the 17th that it has released a new commercial video signage of EASY TOMORROW on TV, YouTube, and Instagram.

The CF, which was released this time, was produced in a configuration that allows you to know the advertising intention and product as the video progresses without directly exposing the advertising product in the beginning.

The CF features signs of hangover restaurants favored by the MZ generation, such as hamburgers and pizza, along with well-known hangover restaurants such as Haejangguk and Sundaeguk. The sign in the video was reconstructed by photographing the actual restaurant sign and changing the contents of the sign into a message related to relieving hangovers that the MZ generation can sympathize with.

At the end of the video, actress Hyeri, the official model of EASY TOMORROW, appears and shouts, "For a refreshing drinking party again." The message means cheering for the MZ generation, which has been shrinking due to the prolonged COVID-19 by taking advantage of the similar pronunciation of the product name "EASY TOMORROW" and the word "Fresh."

In this CF, employees of the MZ generation of Samyang Group directly participated in the advertising draft production stage to draw sympathy from the MZ generation, the main consumer base of EASY TOMORROW.

Samyang Corporation said, "We identified the opinions of MZ generation employees in the company and the advertising style preferred by the MZ generation at the EASY TOMORROW University Student Advertising Contest in May," and added, "We will continue to introduce various video contents that can communicate with the MZ generation."

EASY TOMORROW is a hangover relief product made in the form of a pill type by mixing raw materials such as Glutathione yeast extract and plant mixture concentrate (Atractylodes rhizome, Chinese hawthorn fruit, Pueraria lobata flower). As 3 grams per serving is individually packaged, it is highly portable and easy to consume. Based on the popularity of the pill-shaped product, the "EASY TOMORROW JELLY STICK" in the form of a slim stick, which is easily squeezed without water, has also been released. There are two types of refreshing jelly stick-shaped stick types: "EASY TOMORROW JELLY STICK Mango Flavor" containing mango juice and "EASY TOMORROW JELLY STICK Red" with 10% pear concentrate and apple concentrate juice added.

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